For almost 25 years, Urban Improv has worked to empower youth to make positive choices in their lives, schools and communities. Through our interactive theatre-based programs, students practice self-expression and creative decision-making in life’s most challenging moments. Whether they are navigating peer pressure, cyber-bullying, racism, homophobia or violence, Urban Improv students build self-awareness, empathy, impulse control, cooperation, and conflict resolution skills to build towards nonviolent communities of tolerance and respect.  We call Urban Improv “a Rehearsal for Life”

Urban Improv currently partners with seven Boston schools to deliver its multi-year curriculum to over 1,100 students annually free of charge, and also presents topical assemblies throughout Boston, New England and beyond.  Since its inception in 1992, Urban Improv has presented to over 70,000 students at more than 125 schools and community groups.

To learn more about our programs and organization, please visit www.urbanimprov.org, or call 617-524-7049.